Organic Vitamin D3
Organic Vitamin D3
Organic Vitamin D3

Organic Vitamin D3

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Explore Our Enhanced Organic Vitamin D3: Now with 4000 IU of Plant-Based Power

Elevate your wellness regimen with our advanced Organic Vitamin D3, derived from high-quality algae. This essential nutrient is crucial for maintaining strong bones and robust immune health. Our formula is uniquely plant-based, ensuring you receive organic Vitamin D that is both sustainable and effective.

Optimized for Absorption: Our Vitamin D3 is enhanced with magnesium, optimizing activation and utilization by your body for superior health benefits. This vital interaction means stronger bones and a more agile immune system, ready to defend against various health challenges.

Probiotic Integration for Healthier Absorption: We’ve infused our formula with a special selection of probiotics to foster a healthy gut environment, enhancing the absorption and effectiveness of Vitamin D3. This supports overall well-being, ensuring you get the most out of every dose.

Powerful Dose for Daily Needs: Each capsule packs a potent 4000IU of Vitamin D3, perfectly measured to fulfill your daily requirements and support additional health benefits like improved iron and potassium levels.

Ethically Produced and Safe: Our supplement is ideal for anyone pursuing a plant-based lifestyle. Free from GMOs, dairy, gluten, and synthetic additives, it is designed for universal use—particularly beneficial for active individuals and those over 55.

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Why Use Organic Vitamin D3

Organic Vitamin D3 is a a crucial nutrient for maintaining bone health and enhancing immune function. Unlike synthetic versions, organic Vitamin D3 is derived from natural sources - ours is specifically from algae, which is known for its high bioactivity and fewer environmental impacts. For those living in areas with limited sunlight exposure or following strict dietary restrictions, maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels can be challenging. Organic Vitamin D3 provides a sustainable and effective solution to these challenges, ensuring that your body receives a clean, plant-based form of this essential nutrient without any synthetic additives. This organic form is not only better for your health but also supports ecological well-being, making it an ideal choice for health enthusiasts who value both personal and environmental health.

Organic Vitamin D3 - The Optivida Difference

Our new and improved Organic Vitamin D3 formula is designed to fully cater to your body's needs with a powerful 4000 IU dose per serving. Sourced sustainably from algae, our supplement offers a superior version of Vitamin D that is not only plant-based but also enriched with magnesium and probiotics for enhanced absorption and effectiveness. The inclusion of magnesium is crucial as it activates the Vitamin D, allowing for optimal bone strengthening and immune response. Furthermore, our tailored blend of probiotic strains supports a healthy gut microbiome, which plays a vital role in overall nutrient absorption and immune function. This holistic approach ensures that our Organic Vitamin D3 is not just a supplement but a comprehensive health enhancer. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone looking to avoid synthetic ingredients, our product stands as a testament to our commitment to both health and quality, making it one of the few supplements on the market that truly aligns with modern health-conscious consumers.