Optivida will donate 25% of your purchase price to bring help and hope to Ukrainians.

The Citizens of Ukraine Need Your Help.

Many thousands of Ukrainian families are displaced and are living without basic needs. Fathers and sons, wearing tennis shoes and knit caps pick up guns to defend their homes.

With our network of suppliers and friends, we secured a plane and stocked it with food, clothes, medicine, generators, and more. Optivida has already donated $120,000 in products and $10,000 in cash to "To Ukraine with Love".

A Ukrainian airline has donated the use of an airliner and is supplying pilots, but we still need to raise money for fuel ($100,000.) And that's where this fund-raiser will help. Optivida will be donating 25% of every purchase to fly hope to the Ukrainians. We invite you to visit ToUkraineWithLove.org to offer more help to those that can’t help themselves.