* Each recipe includes Complete Essentials as an ingredient, although recommended Complete Essentials is not required to make the smoothie. You can enjoy the recipes with or without Complete Essentials.


Click on the "save recipes" button and then you can save it one of these four ways

Option 1

Chrome & Firefox

Right-click on the image or click control S and select "save as" then choose a name and a destination for your file.

Option 2


A header will appear, then you can select the "download" icon, which will then add the files to your downloads.

Option 3

Safari & Firefox

Select "file" and then select "save as" in the drop-down, then choose a name and a destination for your file  

Option 4

Internet Explorer

On Internet Explorer, you can save the file by just clicking on the save icon once the file is up in your browser.

Option 5

Apple Phone

Once you open the file, you can click on the download icon; then you can save it to your files. *This option may be further down in the options given once you click on the icon.

Option 6

Android Phone

Please visit this link for instructions on how to save the file on an Android phone.

Option 7

To BOOKMARK the page select "bookmark" at the top of your page then select "bookmark this tab"