Did you know that the substance responsible for turmeric's distinctive color and the majority of its health benefits
is actually curcumin?

Locked Up Inside

This plant-based substance has powerful
anti-inflammatory properties. It also supports healthy liver, heart and brain functions, as well as skin health.

Did You Know...

The disappointment of doctors and nutritionists is that curcumin does not absorb easily into our bodies.

Although many curcumin supplements claim health benefits,
it is important to understand that there is a key
to unlocking the full power.

The Optivida Health Advantage

Our Optivida Liposomal Curcumin is “packaged” with our revolutionary and patented Liposomal delivery, called Optisorb™. We wrap the curcumin molecules in a series of protective layers. This allows the curcumin to safely pass through your digestion system and be absorbed into the bloodstream, where it is needed most to be effective.
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