We do not sell any products containing THC. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural component of Hemp Oil. Optivida hemp is a Dietary Supplement. 


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Passionate & Committed For Over 30 Years

Ultimately Frank created a whole food concentrate by teaming up with a registered dietician with clinical nutrition experience. The product consisted of 9 servings of organic fruits and vegetables, vitamins from whole food concentrates, minerals as they come from plants, 11 strains of probiotics, antioxidants from whole foods, omega fatty acids from whole foods, plant digestive enzymes.

Frank invested in the technology, and it became the backbone of being able to ensure the nutritional integrity of whatever he provided in a whole food concentrate. All the fruits, vegetables, etc., were sourced from organic farmers who used sustainable farming practices, and the products tested for nutritional content before converting to powder form. The powders were then tested to ensure that ZERO loss of those nutrients had occurred.

To help the layman understand the incredible power and benefit of this product, Frank contracted with a renowned and prolific writer, spokesperson, and expert in integrative medicine to write a book/manual about this miracle product. It walks the reader in simple, understandable terms through the  A to Z health benefits of hemp extract and helps them in ascertaining what to look for to insure the product will provide maximum benefit.

OptiVidaHealth will continue to seek out and provide the best of the best to meet the needs of a world turned upside down in health and wellness.

Next Steps…

Learn more about Optivida Hemp Extract in the new book, Hemp Health Revolution: The A to Z Health Benefits of Hemp Extract.


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