Silver Lozenges - Lemon-honey - 21 Pieces
Silver Lozenges - Lemon-honey - 21 Pieces

Silver Lozenges - Lemon-honey - 21 Pieces

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  • New and Improved formula!
  • Higher ppm
  • More potent and fast-acting
  • Extended shelf life
  • Now individually wrapped

Nano-Silver Drops: Our lozenges are made with patented nano-silver molecules. Unlike colloidal silver, our silver is a new generation of silver with much higher effectiveness.

Natural Flavor: Our nano-silver lozenges were made with elderberry, organic honey, and peppermint oil for a sweet, soothing flavor.

Effective Remedy: These hard drops can kill pathogens in the mouth, throat, and digestive tract. They target 143 disease-causing microorganisms, leading to a healthier immune system and more energy.

Small & Portable: Each lozenge comes individually wrapped, so you can take them with you on the go. Place them inside your purse, handbag, satchel, or backpack while traveling for instant relief.

Safe To Use: These cough drops can be taken by anyone, including children, the elderly, and women during pregnancy. They can also be used along with prescribed or over-the-counter antibiotics.

Fast-Acting Relief: Its unique coating makes the silver attracted to surrounding water molecules, making it more stable and bioavailable for your body. This allows the ointment to work faster.



Learn More About Silver's History

Utilizing silver for maintaining health and fighting infection has existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. As a matter of fact, silver products were the “go to” health solution before the discovery of antibiotics in the 1900’s.
Like any discovery, as technology and science advances, we always find more efficient and effective ways to design and engineer products; ways that allow us to hone and
expand uses and applications that offer greater impact and benefit for you.

Optivida Nano-Silver Gel is one of three Nano-Silver products offered by Optivida Health. Our Silver Gel is a topical form of our Silver Technology that provides a gentle, natural healing agent for the skin. Our gel can be applied directly, or safely combined with other skin care products, contains no harsh alcohols or chemical fragrances, and does not require refrigeration for peak effectiveness.

The safety and efficacy of our Silver Technology, Optivida Nano-Silver works faster, longer, and more efficiently than colloidal and ionic silvers. Optivida Nano-Silver Gel is also safe for daily use and has no adverse side effects so you can rely on it for your regular skin and healthcare needs. Studies show that it has the ability to kill most pathogens within a few minutes.