“The best way to think about it is that the prebiotics are the fuel for the probiotics who are the workers in our gut. The end result of all the hard work done by the probiotics are the postbiotics. In other words, the postbiotics are the goods created.”

- Keri Gans, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N (1)


The "food" that promotes good bacteria growth


Live organisms that add healthy microbes to your gut


The "goods" created from prebiotics & probiotics


You’ll find bacteria on the skin, in the nose and ears, and most of all, in the gut. We have more bacteria cells in our body than human cells. While we often think of bacteria causing infections, most bacteria species are either harmless or perform beneficial functions.



Emotional Stress





GMO Foods


Poor Sleeping Habits

Inflammatory Gluten

Lack of Exercise

Did you know that 95% of probiotics are "dead on arrival"? Yep, in the bottle, they're dead. The remaining 5% won't make it through the digestive tract. Dead probiotics can still provide minimal benefits but minimal benefits aren't good enough for us.

Immunity Probiotic + is stabilized using a proprietary encapsulation method. That means that the probiotics remain alive in the bottle and are clinically proven to persist through the digestive tract alive. They can then colonize and perform all of the necessary functions in the body.

This is why you'll see probiotics on the market with 50 billion CFUs. The large amount is due to the decreased ability of those bacteria. We use 10 billion potent CFUs, which provide optimal benefits because they're "alive on arrival."

It's simple, really. 10 Billion live CFUs are better than 50 billion dead CFUs.

AntiBiotics & Probiotics

It's quite literally in the name. Antibiotics destroy both the good and bad bacteria in your body. It is particularly important to support your good bacteria when taking an antibiotic. Taking a probiotic will promote the growth of the much needed good bacteria.

AntiBiotics & Probiotics

Diets Lacking Good Bacteria:

Diets Lacking Good Bacteria:

Your diet is most likely lacking foods that produce good bacteria. Historically diets contained fermented foods, and because their food wasn't as clean, it contained more good and bad bacteria. Now food is processed, which kills the both the good and bad bacteria. We need to find ways to incorporate good bacteria into our diets.

What are Postbiotics?

In short, postbiotics are the "waste" of probiotics. Sounds a little yucky, huh? But the good news is that postbiotics are incredibly beneficial for boosting the health in your gut. Research actually suggests that many of the benefits we associate with probiotics are actually because of postbiotics. For instance, probiotic foods have often been used to treat diarrhea. Closer observation reveals that it's the "waste" of probiotics, postbiotics, that provide most treatment for diarrhea. Postbiotics are also beneficial for lowering blood sugar, preventing obesity, supporting probiotics, fighting infection, and supporting the immune system. (2)

Optivida Immunity Probiotic + is CLEAN


Gluten Free


No Artificial Colors

Soy Free

Dairy Free

No Preservatives

No Added Sugar


Immunell TM is a natural and safe ingredient derived from a yeast extract

  • Supports cellular regeneration
  • Reinforces gut barrier
  • Improves immune response

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Immunell TM is a natural and safe ingredient derived from a yeast extract

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