Your basics covered.

Basic Essentials was specifically formulated to address your vital nutritional needs.

Basic Daily Nutrition

Gives you the building blocks needed to function at your most optimal level

Immune Support
Lasting Energy
Regular Digestion
Ph Balancing
Thicker Hair & Nails
Skin Elasticity
Smooths Wrinkles
Enhanced Support

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is critical for advanced health support

Revved Metabolism
Improved Memory
Muscle Mass
Quicker Recovery
Thicker Hair & Nails
Skin Elasticity
Smooths Wrinkles
For the Specifics


Basic Essentials supports health with more specific concerns

Heart Health
Gut Health
Brain Health
Weight Mgmt.
Heart Health
Women's Health
Brain Health
Weight Management

Choosing a complete plant-based protein may be better for your overall health. Combined brown rice and pea protein have a complete amino acid profile. Amino acids are the building blocks for protein. When you eat protein, your body breaks it down into amino acids. Research shows that a diet high in animal protein may contribute to kidney impairment and cardiovascular disease. (2)


Benefit Basic Essentials Traditional Multivitamin

21 whole-food vitamins & minerals



15 strains of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics



20 plant-derived digestive enzymes



8 detoxing greens, grasses, and phytonutrients



Lab-produced synthetic ingredients



Chemical Isolates and toxic ingredients



+ what's the deal with toxic synthetic supplments?

+ real ingredients make a real difference

Advanced Nutrition

Proprietary Plant Phytonutrient Complex:

Decades of research have also supported the addition of antioxidants and botanicals to our daily intake. Antioxidants are molecules that help stabilize highly reactive free radicals from causing oxidative damage to cells in our bodies.   Free radical damage is often linked to aging and disease. Antioxidants and other health-promoting compounds are most often found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and botanicals.

Proprietary Digestive and Immune Blend:

Numerous peer -reviewed studies have clearly shown multiple benefits from probiotic supplementation, from improved immunity to weight loss and beyond. Basic Essentials’ probiotic blend was founded on four decades of pioneering research, resulting in over 200 technical papers published in peer-reviewed journals, eighty focusing on probiotics alone.

Why Basic Essentials


Basic Essentials is the more convenient version of Complete Essentials. It's easier to travel with and take on the go. It requires no mixing or extra work. Just take two capsules whenever you choose.

No Flavor

If you're looking for a multi-vitamin with no fuss, Basic Essentials is perfect for you. You still get the good health basics from whole foods just without the taste or added effort of mixing.

Whole-Food Based

Using a proprietary preservation system, we take the whole fruit or vegetable and turn it into a powder without losing any nutrients, color, or flavor. Giving you key nutrients the natural way.  

No Synthetics

Most supplement companies opt for synthetic, lab-made vitamins to cut costs. However, this comes at a cost to your health. For your health, it's better to choose vitamins that are naturally made in nature.  

get know the secret to it all


our patented food preservation system

The Problem

To date, nutrient manufacturers have depended on heat as their mode of dehydration. Freeze dry, drum dry, and spray dry all use heat to eliminate water from the product. Heat destroys delicate nutrient compounds and water molecules, lowering temperatures still causes damage. The losses can be as high as 80% for some nutrients, like vitamin C.

The Solution

The pioneering technology of Optidri™ does not rely not on heat. Instead, the tuned process uses specific wavelengths of natural light to target and evaporate water molecules. The technology is so gentle it has the unprecedented ability to leave the original phytonutrients, plus the fiber from the skins, seeds, and pulp, totally intact. Optidri™ is the only technology capable of drying certain varieties of whole foods in their entirety.

Dosage made easy

Supplementing with sythetic vitamins come with a host of dangerous side effects one being overdosing. Especially with fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K. However, those risks disappear entirely when you use vitamins derived from whole foods. It's not like you can overdose on strawberries or oranges.
A popular health website states, "When [vitamins are] consumed naturally through foods, these nutrients are unlikely to cause harm, even when consumed in large amounts. Yet, when taken in concentrated doses in supplement form, it's easy to take too much, and doing so can lead to negative health outcomes."

Is this right for me?


As far as a complete nutiritional support, Basic Essentials ranks at the top of the supplement market.
However, if you are fighting chronic conditions, health ailments, or want the most extensive health benefits, we suggest using Complete Essentials.