Stop Wasting Your Money on Cheap, Ineffective Supplements.

Have you ever thought about the ingredients in your supplements? More than likely, you just grab the first thing you see and never think twice about it. All the while, you would assume that the ingredients came from actual food and not a lab. WRONG! 

It turns out that most supplements contain synthetic compounds that are meant to mimic the real thing. Sadly your body doesn’t recognize these synthetic vitamins as the nutrients they’re trying to emulate. 

Supplements are great for individuals that are trying to better their health. With the way foods are processed nowadays, it's virtually impossible to cover all of the gaps in nutrition with food alone. However, you don’t want to waste your money or put something toxic into your body.

Synthetic supplements are most often created because they’re cheap and provide the highest profit margins for the company selling them.

"There are about 110 companies who sell vitamins in the US. Less than 5 of them use whole food vitamins. The reason is simple: whole food vitamins are expensive to make. A few of the largest pharmaceutical firms in the world mass produce synthetic vitamins for the vast majority of these 110 "vitamin" companies, who then put their own label on them, and every company claims theirs is the best! It's ridiculous! Americans spend over $9 billion per year for synthetic vitamins." (Frost, p2)

You deserve to know the difference and be able to make a more informed choice for your health.

What's a Whole Food Supplement?

Now, when you think of whole food, you would assume that it comes from that food directly. While this is, in fact, true, there are two ways that this process can be done. One is by juicing that product to "extract" the nutrients. However, when this is done, you leave behind so many components of that food. You miss out on the seeds, skin, and flesh which contain the bulk of those vitamins and minerals. It won’t truly be a whole food if this method is used. 

A genuine whole food supplement is taken from the whole food. That includes seeds, skin, shells, and all of the possible pieces that come along with it. This is how we do things here at Optivida. We use a revolutionary technology that allows us to turn the food into powder without losing any of its nutritious components. This creates a proper whole food supplement that can deliver maximum benefits.

What are Synthetic Supplements?

On the other side of the coin, there are synthetic components that are used by supplement companies worldwide. The consumer is typically unaware that these were made in a lab and are less effective, which can lead to tons of money for the company and little gain for the individual.

Synthetic supplements may be ineffective but can also be toxic for you! 

You Deserve the Real Thing

At Optivida, we believe that with the right nutrients, the body heals itself. This is why we take so much care in providing something of the highest quality, as well as providing REAL nutrients. While it may be a more costly process, our goal is to do what is best for the consumer.

Frank, the Founder of Optivida Health, created the company as a result of his endeavor to heal from his chronic diseases and disorders. By pulling back the curtain on the foods and supplements we consume, he noticed that none of them had the proper nutrients they claimed to possess. He set off on a quest to create something that would give the body everything it needed to maintain optimal health and wellness. Through healing himself with nutrition and whole food nutrients, he was able to create something powerful!

Using the revolutionary process we mentioned earlier, he created a product called "Complete Essentials." This is a supplement that preserves the organic, non-GMO, natural goodness of each ingredient. The powder is food in supplement form with zero changes to the nutrient composition, which allows your body to actually put it to use. 

This is what a REAL supplement is supposed to look like.

What Makes Optivida Stand-Out?

The use of whole foods along with real vitamins and minerals is the backbone of Optivida. We're helping you find the nutrients you need to heal. On the other hand, other companies are giving you fake nutrients that not only don’t work but run the risk of harming you.

A great place to start is with our Complete Essentials supplement. It covers all of the basics that you need to start on the right track and heal from within. You can check out Complete Essentials, your go-to source of vitamins and minerals, right here!

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