Heart Disease

Increasing evidence suggests that Hemp Extract may help with cardiovascular conditions such as heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Currently, heart disease is among the major causes of death. Heart disease is caused by blood vessels hardening and plaque buildup over time, which reduces cardiovascular function.

Plaque poses serious problems when dislodged from the vessels it is attached to. Eventually, it can travel to smaller blood vessels, where it causes blockage. Tissue function is lost in areas with decreased blood flow.

Studies have shown that Hemp Extract helps in relaxing the arterial walls. This lessens tension within the blood vessels. This, in turn, protects arteries against inflammation.

Using Hemp Extract has been proven effective as a way of reducing metabolic issues of increased glucose responses, a major factor in heart disease.


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Heart disease is always associated with inflammation. The anti- inflammatory and immune-modulating abilities of Hemp Extract, as well as its antioxidant protection, reduces damage to heart tissue.

Additionally, Hemp Extract provides protection to the heart against cardiomyopathy, a condition that causes thickening and hardening of the heart muscle as well as eventual limitation of blood flow.

Hemp extract has shown to stop the production of endotoxins, pro- inflammatory cytokines that are associated with the progression of heart disease.

Arterial plaque is another significant factor in heart disease. Hemp Extract has been proven effective in decreasing plaque adhesion on the arterial walls.

To sum it up, Hemp Extract addresses the key issues contributing to heart disease: relaxing arterial walls, calming inflammation, increasing antioxidant protection, modulating immune response, and decreasing plaque buildup.


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Frank Davis,
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