Whether the result of poor diet, lack of exercise, drug abuse, physical or emotional stress, environmental toxins or genetic factors, endocannabinoid deficits are associated with a reduced ability or inability to adapt to chronic stress. Prolonged exposure to these numerous stressors will eventually deplete the proper endocannabinoid response, also known as endocannabinoid tone. This, in turn, has an adverse impact on many physiological processes.

Stress of any kind can knock the body’s delicate homeostasis process out of balance. These delicate feedback loops are impaired. Imagine what happens when the traffic lights are out at a busy intersection. Total chaos ensues, along with car wrecks and injuries!

An endocannabinoid deficiency will also create chaos to the many regulating systems of the body. This is when Hemp Extract can come to the rescue. When our ECS is overwhelmed by so many stressful insults, the body needs extra support and protection. Ongoing research has shown how effective Hemp Extract supplementation can be. Hemp Extract has the amazing ability to safely and effectively restore homeostasis throughout our body.

There is a growing list of conditions that Hemp Extract has proven to help. A partial list includes migraines, fibromyalgia, psychiatric conditions, irritable bowel disease, seizures, brain damage, autoimmune issues and chronic pain.

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Why Are Hemp Extracts Important for You?

Hemp Extract assists with maintaining homeostasis within the body. Homeostasis is so important that most chronic diseases are regarded as a result of its disturbance. As we get older, the body’s internal environment becomes progressively less stable. As a result, we are more vulnerable to illness.

If we take into account the amount of stress that most of us are under in a normal day, as well as the lack of good nutrition in the average diet, it’s no wonder that we are experiencing unprecedented levels of diabetes, obesity, autism, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, and other expressions of imbalance.

Hemp Extract delivers a wide range of benefits of its own, which can figure into helping our ECS maintain an existing state of wellness as well as addressing a state of imbalance.

It’s also important to know that Hemp Extracts are not just about helping to regain and ensure optimal health. Hemp Extracts should also be recognized as playing a major role for achieving optimal wellness as well as contributing to an effective anti-aging program.


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Frank Davis,
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