Endometriosis is a common and often debilitating condition. This condition is characterized by the overgrowth of tissue that lines the uterus, called the endometrium. Side effects of endometriosis include chronic pelvic pain, painful menstrual periods, and painful intercourse, gastrointestinal upsets such as diarrhea and constipation and nausea. Some severe cases result in infertility.

There is growing evidence that endometriosis is not really so much a hormonal condition as it is an autoimmune disease. Endometriosis fulfills most of the classification criteria for autoimmune diseases, including blood markers of inflammatory cytokines and tissue- specific autoantibodies. It also frequently occurs with other autoimmune conditions such as autoimmune thyroid disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

One of the main benefits of Hemp Extract is its anti-inflammatory property, which helps to relax the abdominal muscles as well as ease painful menstrual cramps.

Pain from endometriosis can occur at any time in a woman’s cycle. Since Hemp Extract acts as an analgesic, it alleviates pain throughout the body, e.g., from bowel movements, backaches, headaches, etc.

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Hemp Extract also combats the nausea that sometimes accompanies intense cramping and pain. It can also provide powerful relief from anxiety and depression.

Hemp Extract has also shown the ability to slow the growth of endometrial tissue.

Endometriosis is linked to an endocannabinoid deficiency. In fact, hormone imbalances and a lack of proper endocannabinoid tone may contribute to excess inflammation associated with endometriosis.

Hemp Extract can be considered another part of a healing program for endometriosis. The combination of its anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects engages with the body’s immune system, improving endocannabinoid tone and reducing pain and inflammation.


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