Are Cheap Supplements Doing More Damage than Good?

When companies are making supplements, you would think that they use the highest quality of ingredients. However, this isn’t usually the case. Companies are regularly opting out of natural vitamins and minerals for cheap, synthetic alternatives. To hit a high-profit margin while your health is being put at stake.

These synthetic nutrients are made in labs that can quickly produce the components with little material. While this sounds revolutionary, it isn't the best for your health. Some of these compounds may be less effective or even toxic for you. Nothing will ever beat what you find in foods naturally.

Reasons for the Use of Synthetic Vitamins

When considering the main reasons for using synthetic vitamins, it comes down to two main things: misinformation and cost. Now, both of these come on the manufacturer end as well as the consumer end. Both parties can be misinformed, as well as looking for the cheapest option. These paths both lead to less-than-ideal outcomes as it relates to health and well-being. Yet, this continues to happen as more and more supplement companies are created.


Everyone is looking for a cheaper solution to their problems, but this shouldn't be the number one priority when it comes to your health. While margins matter, margins shouldn't be the mission here, especially in the health industry.

Kilos of these synthetic supplements can be purchased for just dollars, while natural vitamins from real foods can cost hundreds. This makes the product more expensive to make, which then makes the product more expensive to purchase. However, this is your health, and you can't put a price tag on that.

Companies will opt for these cheaper ingredients to increase their profit margins at the cost of your health. At this point, the benefit of the consumer has been forgotten.

As the consumer, you may look to choose the cheapest option too. Yet, this isn't going to benefit you as much as you think. The quality is different with cheaper nd toxic, synthetic products. The cheapest option will won't get you far. In reality, you're better off with the product that's actually going to benefit you! It's an investment in yourself, and you deserve the best! You have to consider the long term.

Lack of Information

When someone starts a supplement company, they essentially develop a formula that they would like to use for this particular product. They work with a manufacturer to create something for their market. Now, these manufacturers vary. They may all use different processes or source materials from different places, which can lower the quality of a product. The company may not even be aware of this or what is going into their product, or they may have only been presented with limited options. As long as they can put vitamin C on the label, then it works for them. In reality, they're just giving you fake, toxic vitamin C that's probably made in China. 

On the other side of the coin, the consumer may be unaware of the difference between ascorbic acid and natural vitamin C. When do you truly read those nutrition labels on the back of the bottle? Typically, the company is relying on the fact that you will be misinformed on the subject. They don’t need you to know that you're not getting a good product, as they can use other marketing tactics to sell to you. You’re being misled, which is causing you to use those synthetic products, yet you just don't know any better. This is why it's essential to do some research on the supplements you take. You don't want to waste your time, money, or health on these lower-quality products when you could be getting the real thing.

What Makes Optivida Different?

It’s easy to use synthetic vitamins. It’s all readily available and convenient because every other company uses them. A lot of work goes into locating a whole food source, choosing a farmer, determining how to process it, and choosing a form that the customer can consume it in. Innovation isn’t needed with synthetics, but this is where we choose the long road.

Optivida uses natural vitamins with no synthetics that are intricately paired with cofactors to increase absorption. We use a revolutionary process that turns whole foods into powder without losing an ounce of nutrition, flavor, or color. This creates a supplement made from whole foods that give you all the necessary nutrients for health and rejuvenation.

Quality is our focus, and if that costs us more on the front end, we're glad to do it. Your health and nutrition are the focus of our products, and that can't be done by taking the cheaper route.

There's no mission without margins, but margins shouldn't be the mission.