Complete Essentials + Silver Liquid

Complete Essentials + Silver Liquid

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x1 Box of Complete Essentials





This is one of the world's finest vitamin/mineral supplements. It is not made from cheap or toxic synthetic chemicals. It is concentrated from over 100 ingredients including organic fruits and vegetables, greens, enzymes, and probiotics.

70% of the population today openly admits that they don’t eat enough healthy foods. And even the fruits and veggies we eat aren't as packed with good stuff as they used to be, thanks to changes in how they're grown. That's why Complete Essentials is your best friend. It's like a health-boosting sidekick, making sure you're getting important nutrients to keep you energized and ready for life.



Ocean Power: Sea algae are like little power boosts, keeping your brain sharp and your spirits high.

Veggie & Berry Antioxidants: Packs a punch against the stuff that ages you, keeping your cells healthy and energized.

Mushroom Benefits: Mushrooms help keep your body's defense system strong and your mind clear.

Superfruit Boosts: Not just tasty—they're full of good stuff that's great for your heart.

Herbal Helpers (adaptogens): Nature's way of helping you stay cool under pressure and ease those day-to-day aches.


2.5 billion CFU's probiotics: Complete Essentials provides probiotics for both women and men to balance digestion and support a healthy immune system.

Non-GMO & Vegan: With an intense focus on the nutritional content of your supplement, Complete Essentials contains only non-GMO flavors, citric acid, stevia, xanthan gum, and tapioca.

Versatile supplement: Fueling your body with healthy and complete nutrients is the best way to boost your immune system, support digestive health, increase energy and support nutrient absorption.

Delicious as a smoothie: We recommend pouring one packet into cold water, juice, milk or smoothie and enjoy daily.

Other ingredients: Natural and non-GMO flavors, non-GMO citric acid, non-GMO stevia.


Suggested Use: Pour one packet into 16 fl. oz. cold water, juice, milk, or smoothie. Drink immediately for best results.

x1 16 oz bottle of Nano-Silver Liquid

Optivida Silver Liquid Solution (10ppm) is an extremely effective form of silver. This unique silver molecule is bonded to oxygen, creating the most bio-available silver on the market. Backed by hundreds of laboratory results, university research, and Pub Med studies.

Fast – By using catalytic instead of chemical action, Optivida Silver helps speed up natural processes that positively effect the body*.

Enduring – Doesn't just protect with a single action, Optivida Silver uses its protection power over and over for hours*.

Efficient – By resonating at just the right frequency, Optivida Silver disrupts foreign elements without disturbing the body’s natural environment*.

Optivida Silver Liquid Solution can be taken several times daily according to directions. Each 16-ounce bottle contains 96 adult servings.

Silver is a natural and effective antimicrobial that kills many pathogens. It backs up the function of your normal immune systems and protects your body against invading pathogens. It strengthens the immune system.

Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a way to maintain health and fight infection. Optivida Health discovered a more efficient and effective way to design and engineer silver. This new technology makes it safe, fast, and effective.

Using science and technology the molecular structure of Optivida Health's silver has been improved to ensure that it is safe and effective. It safely targets and kills harmful pathogens in the body. It doesn't build up in the body and exits after 24 hours.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before using any supplement.