Support Your Immune System

Made from the combined strength of honey, mint and our proprietary nano-silver solution.
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Provides soothing action while nano-silver supports your immune system.


Cools affected area, helping you feel energized and refreshed.

Nano Silver

In lab tests the nano-particle silver solution in Optivida Silver worked more effectively than colloidal and ionic silver solutions.
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Keep Going

Optivida Silver molecules can disable germs and viruses by stealing parts of their molecular structure. They quickly die.
Unlike silvers that quit working after killing a single bad guy, Optivida Silver keeps working, taking out the enemy, for hours.

Balanced Perfection

Optivida Silver disrupts harmful elements without disturbing the body’s natural environment and flora.


60 PPM Silver

improves potency and provides relief quicker

Naturally Flavored

with organic honey, organic peppermint, and natural lemon oil

Family Friendly

safe for adults and older children (any lozenge is a
choking hazard to small children)

Powerful Silver

Supports your immune system

No Added Sugar

sugar is food for bacteria

Individually Wrapped

21 ready to go lozenges

Organic Honey

provides soothing action

Natural Lemon Oil

helps break up mucus

Organic Peppermint

cools affected area, helping you feel energized & refreshed

Our Silver Solution

Popular. Proven. Powerful.


The History: Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a way to maintain health and fight infection. Optivida Health discovered a more efficient and effective way to design and engineer silver. This new technology makes it safer, faster, and more effective than colloidal or ionic silver.*

Our silver has been studied and designed to ensure safety for adults, children, and animals.

Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a way to maintain health and fight infection.

Nano Silver is safer and more effective than colloidal silvers

Nano-Silver: Using science and technology the molecular structure of Optivida Health's silver has been improved to ensure that it is safe and effective. It safely targets and kills harmful pathogens in the body. It doesn't build up in the body and safely exists after 24 hours.

No artificial flavors

No harsh preservatives

Menthol free

Naturally gluten-free

Made in the USA

No synthetic colors

Extended shelf life

Naturally vegan

For more than immunity

Teachers, performers, musicians, coaches, announcers, therapists, customers service representatives and many others put strain on their voice from their chosen occupation. Silver Lozenges are an excellent remedy for a dry or scratchy throat.


If you're interested in reviewing our studies and research on silver please send us an email,