We do not sell any products containing THC. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural component of Hemp Oil. Optivida hemp is a Dietary Supplement. 


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Five-Day Trial Pack - As seen on "Know The Cause" with Doug Kaufmann

Introducing the Optivida 5-Day Hemp Extract trial. This trial pack includes five packets, each with individual 2-milliliter servings of our patented Hemp Extract 540.

The kit also includes instructions and a guide for how hemp extract can impact your life. To help you, even more, we have added a coupon for a $20 discount on your first order of Optivida Hemp Extract.

What’s in the bundle:

  • One 5-day trial Pack
  • One book, “Hemp Health Revolution”
  • Plus, free shipping
  • 5-Day Trial Pack

This trial pack allows you to try, for yourself, the effectiveness of hemp extract. Optivida Hemp Extract 540 is up to 15 times more powerful than other hemp extract products.

With a full-30-day guarantee you can experience the same health impact as our customers. If you are already a loyal customer, this 5-day pack is a way to share your success with friends and family.

“Hemp Health Revolution”

This 150-page book documents the science and history behind the healing power of hemp. The bulk of the book outlines and explains the conditions where hemp extract has been proven to work. The book is authored by Dr. Sherrill Sellman, a naturopathic doctor.

What do our customers say?

“As a doctor, I can promise that this is beyond belief….Chronic pain, stress….I felt the drops work immediately.” –Dr. Y.

“Within 24 hours after starting Optivida hemp oil the degenerative arthritis in my shoulders was 90+% relieved.” –Dr. Glen Wilcoxson