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Nano-SilverSol® Lozenges

"Posses[es] Antiviral Properties"

- National Institute of Health


In September 2020, a study published by the NIH concluded that "Silver nanoparticles have been studied to possess antiviral properties and are presumed to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)."

Importantly, the study gave the specifications for the nanoparticle silver that worked in their study. We used that same nanoparticle silver in our Silver Lozenges and the rest of our silver products.

What Silver to Use?

The NIH specified the most effective properties of nanosilver.

  • Around 10 nanometers in size (we use approximately 10-nanometer size)
  • 1-10 parts per million (ppm) in concentration (each lozenge contains 10 ppm)

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These hard drops can kill pathogens in the mouth, throat, and digestive tract. They target 143 disease-causing microorganisms, leading to a healthier immune system and more energy

Family Friendly
Naturally Flavored
Menthol Free
No Added Sugar

The Natural Power of Silver

Silver is one of the most precious metals known to man . . . And not because of its monetary value, But because of the fact that SILVER is nature’s finest GERM KILLER!

People have used silver for many centuries as an antimicrobial.

An antimicrobial is like a microorganism that kills bad bacteria, viruses, and fungi in your body and prevents it from spreading.

Often all we need to keep ourselves healthy is inspired by and comes from “nature” itself!

Organic Honey

provides soothing action

Organic Peppermint

cools affected area, helping you feel energized & refreshed

Natural Lemon Oil

helps break up mucus

Patented Silver

supports your immune system

normally $32.85

Now $21.90

Why Optivida Health

Patented Silver

Using science and technology the molecular structure of Optivida Health's silver has been improved to ensure that it is safe and effective

No Short Cuts

Where other supplement companies use synthetic and lab made ingredients to cut costs we don't. Our mission is more important than company profit.

Customers Love Us

With a product approval rating of 4.8/5 and a customer support rating of 4.7/5 the proof is in the reviews. Customers love and trust Optivida.

Science Backed

We work with a team of scientists, nutritionists, and doctors to create safe and effective products, that are backed by research and data.




"These lozenges are


Not only do they soothe your throat but do not have the uncomfortable strong flavor."

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The Nano-SilverSol® Movement

Franks Story:

Can you imagine getting every conceivable childhood disease such as mumps, measles, pneumonia, etc.?

Imagine being tied to your bed pretty much on a regular basis, at home while other kids were playing happily outside.

This was the childhood of our founder, Frank who always struggled with his compromised immune system well into adulthood.

When he got a chronic fatigue syndrome that disabled him and took him out of any sport activities he loved so much, he decided enough was enough.

During the nine months during which he severely struggled with his chronic fatigue, he went through hundreds of books.

He contacted every and all natural, nutritional and medical health professionals he could to find natural (!) solutions for his health issue.

What he found, blew his mind because it was something he’s never been taught by either his upbringing, nor in school.

Virtually every known disease and illness known to man is due to some form of dietary deficiency!

Frank developed a new mantra, ‘Let nature be your medicine, and medicine come from food.’

Teaming up with a registered dietician and world-class biotech scientists, Frank created the Optivida Health movement whose mission is to give your body the nutrients and elements needed, to give your body complete health.

Achieve a higher level of health and prevent diseases through our nano-silversol® product today!

Why the 10 parts per million (ppm) silver dosage?

Oftentimes, we get asked why our nano-silversol® liquid dosage isn’t higher than 10ppm. There’s a very good reason for that. In many research projects, the optimum potency of nanosilver was 10 parts per million. Higher concentrations of silver had reduced effectiveness. In addition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has established this daily oral reference dose (RfD) for any and all silver products distributed to the public.

Can any of the Optivida's Nano-SilverSol® products give me Argyria?

None of the Optivida nano-silversol® products have never been reported to give a single case of Argyria because we’re talking about the use of oligodynamic silver (as opposed to using extreme quantities from silver salts or silver compounds).

Is silver not a dangerous heavy metal?

When we’re talking about our Optivida Health’s nano-silversol® products, we’re talking about the use of purified silver in the product as a trace element as opposed to “heavy metal”. The term “heavy metal” is not clearly defined and metals can be bound to different elements all the time which impacts their level of absorption of the human body as well as stability. The dosage of the consumption of silver as a trace mineral element and in which form it is consumed IS vitally important! Hence, keeping this in mind and also that silver is actually listed as a transition metal on the periodic table (such as iron and zinc) as well as our patented method of extracting the silver in combination with our purified water, makes our nano-silversol® a premier and important addition product for your overall health and with its 10ppm dosage, safe to consume.