You probably already know the popular curry spice turmeric; easy to recognize for its yellow color, spicy aroma, and distinct taste. And you’re probably aware of the health benefits attributed to turmeric. But, did you know that the
substance responsible for its distinctive color and the majority of its
health benefits is actually curcumin?


Curcumin supports the body's systems for anti-inflammation, as well as liver and heart functions.
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The Optivida Health Advantage
We wrap the curcumin molecules in a series of protective layers. This allows the curcumin to be absorbed into the bloodstream, where it is needed 
most to be effective.

Featuring Optisorb™

Provides up to 17 times better absorption when compared to other comparable curcumin products.
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  • Anti-Inflammation Properties
---- The anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin come from various enzymes, COX-2, LOX, iNOS that help mediate inflammatory processes.

  • Relieves Joint Stiffness
---- The anti-inflammatory effects found in curcumin help reduce inflammation and positively impact stiffness.

  • Promotes Skin Health
---- Curcumin has been linked to faster wound healing by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation.

  • Supports a Healthy Heart and Mind
---- Curcumin supports a healthy heart function. It can also support brain health.

Give Pain A Knock Out

And see how great you can feel today.
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What does it mean to be bioavailable?

To increase the amount that of vitamin D that is absorbed into the body we combined the vitamin D from the pure white button mushrooms with magnesium. Magnesium is known to boost the absorption of vitamin D into the body. Magnesium acts as a hostess that guides the vitamin D into the bloodstream where it can effectively go to work.

What does it mean to be bioavailable?

Your body can absorb less than 40% of traditional curcumin supplements. In order to make it more bioavailable most companies add a synthetic form of curcumin to their products. That's doesn't sound right to us. We use Optisorb** technology which wraps the curcumin molecules in a series of protective layers. By doing this your body can absorbs 80% of our curcumin. This allows the curcumin to safely pass through your digestive system where it then can be absorbed into the blood stream.

Our Optisorb technology allows the curcumin to absorb into your bloodstream up to 17 times better and faster than other supplements.

More than just Vitamin D

Contains additional nutrients that naturally occur naturally in mushrooms

  • Phystosterols, Beta Glucans, Flavonoids, and Antioxidants
    • linked to immune, heart, and cholesterol health
  • All of the B and C Vitamins
  • Calcium, Copper, Iron, Iodine, Potassium, Magnesium,
  • Manganese, Selenium, and Zinc
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid
    • linked to weight loss

This is because from November to February those who live above the 35th parallel don't receive enough vitamin d from the sun. Our diet also contributes to vitamin d deficiency, providing only a fraction of our daily requirements.